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The Corinthians is a separate organization within the Lighthouse Point Yacht & Racquet Club (LPYRC) that promotes social activities related to recreational boating and general fun. The Corinthians has over 130 members from all walks of life, and a rich history of social and boating activities.

Some members are involved for the socialization, others for the organized activities. All benefit from the social networks, friendships, and fun.




“The LPYC Corinthians, Inc. promotes social activity among the members, such as cruises, dinners, dances, parties and other forms of entertainment, and fosters a spirit of camaraderie among its members.
In addition, the Club shall:

(a) foster the art of seamanship and promote boating, sport fishing, and other allied marine activities,


(b) engage in such charitable activities coincidental to boats and boating, such as its members may decide, and


(c) provide educational programs for its members in areas of seamanship and marine activities”.



The Corinthians is a very active club that offers a wide range of activities for all recreational boaters, those interested in boating (past, present, future), as well as non-boaters. These activities include cruises to Florida and Bahamian marinas, informal/formal social activities, and even cruises for non-boaters. In total, there are over 15 organized cruises, 3 formal and 7 informal social events, and 23 informal Thursday evening social gatherings at the LPYRC.

Excerpts from The Commodore's Speech at the Ball, December 2016

Looking out at you I see a room filled with people who over the years have given so much to this club and have contributed to making it what it is today. Strong and vibrant!

Being your Commodore is quite an honor and being the Commodore who will bring in the start of our 50th anniversary as a club just adds to it. The support that comes from all of you is vital in making this year successful and we are already off to a great start. Knowing that I can count on so many of you to celebrate this milestone with me gives me great pleasure and I am committed to making this year one filled with happy memories. Achieving the extraordinary is not something that every club reaches but the Lighthouse Point Yacht Club Corinthians have not only achieved that goal, but has exceeded it. We are a great bunch of people who enjoy the friendships we have made over the years with fellow Corinthians. Whether it’s a boating trip, our Thursday night happy hours, or one of our fun-filled membership dinner parties, we enjoy being with one another. Even through tough times, we act like family. For some of you who don’t know this, three years ago I was quite ill and so many Corinthians made sure I had food in the house, meals prepared, errands run. We look after each other. Just seeing the appreciation on Fritz Nordmann’s face when you visit him, or the tears in Vito DeNardo’s eyes every time we went to see him in a rehab hospital or the support and love we gave Bonnie when Troy passed away. These are just a few reasons why I find it’s easy to give back to a club that gives us so much enjoyment and encouragement. We are a family and to be the Commodore of such a great group of people is a privilege for me. Our club is special, but only as special as its members – you! So when I chose the theme for this year, it just wasn’t only the Corinthian’s achievements that I find extraordinary, it’s also its members.





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NEW Corinthians Cruise Policy

approved by the Board of Governors

See Details.



The time has come for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country or in this case the Corinthians of LPYRC. We have all enjoyed great times, both at the club and on the water, made new friends and said goodbye to those who have left us all too soon. We've all complained about one thing or another but the experience of being a Corinthian is one we have been proud of and one that we have never regretted. Now after 50 years of making memories the very existence of our organization is being threatened by a lack of volunteers for leadership roles. On the positive side, I have 19 very capable volunteers to fill all of the Board positions and non Board positions. We are in need of a Rear Commodore and a Fleet Captain in order to keep our organization going into the second half of ‘our century.’

The Rear Commodore is a three year commitment to the club and the Fleet Captain is a four year commitment that gives an individual plenty of time to learn the ropes. Or, you can volunteer to be our Cruise Director, same responsibilities but with no commitment to the four year term. You can decide that at the end of your year as Cruise Director.

Accepting one of these positions does not leave you high and dry and alone to carry out these responsibilities. Past officers are available to assist you in the position and many board members, as well as general members, have generously offered to assist you with your responsibilities.

If you have any interest, please call at Leslie Baron at 781–258-3119, to set up an informal discussion about the possibility.



 Solicitation Policy:

Corinthian members and/or their family members or associates shall not use their membership, their access to Corinthian rosters, Corinthian mailing list or email addresses for their personal or business gain. Nor shall they solicit business at Corinthian events including cruises. Any violation of the above will be handled according to the Bylaws Article ll, Section 13."



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We can now accept credit cards for Corinthian events.

You will be charged a small processing fee.

Boat US membership has been renewed and is available to the entire Club. This membership entitles members to a discount of $12.50 for membership with Boat US. There is a group ID#GA84293Y with the group name of LPYRC.

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Ocean Reef, Key Largo

April 28 - 30, 2017


Bimini, Bahamas

May 18 - 20, 2017


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Afternoon Tea

April 21, 2017



Membership Meeting

May 5, 2017



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