Photo Tips From Your Photo Team!


We want to let everyone know that all events are now posted on Snapfish, Walgreens and

It is free to get an account with any of these sites and view the pictures from each wonderful event!

You must have an account to see the pictures. Every member with an email address should receive an email from each of these sites stating:  “Fader has invited you to view photos”.

Once you have an account, you can accept the invitation to view the photos. Please let Fader know if you are not receiving an email to view the photos. All three of the sites have exactly the same photos.

Thanks to Rosemary Kaley-Krieger and Mario Kalman,  for taking pictures and helping at events. We have an awesome group working together to get the job done. Thank you to all the picture takers with the disposable cameras also. If at any event we do not get your picture PLEASE get one of us who has a camera and ask for a photo. At times we get so busy with so many photos that we miss very important Corinthians! If you would like to help with photos at an event or if you take a great photo that you would like to share with us please email Thanks to every Corinthian, Staff member and friend that make our events such a great success!!

Snapfish, Walgreens and Costco Tips:

It is very easy to sign up for a free account at each site. For Walgreens and Costco, type in your browser: Walgreens Photo, Costco Photo or Snapfish – or type:

  • For Walgreens: Go to and Click “Register”

  • For Costco: Go to and click “Sign Up”

  • For Snapfish: Go to and click “Sign Up”








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