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The following are recommendations for protocol when cruising on someone else’s yacht.

Unless told otherwise by the host, you should:

Offer to provide food and drinks for the cruise

Show up on time

Ask permission to come aboard

Remove your shoes

Stow your personal items neatly out of the way

Help with dock lines, fenders, etc.

Offer to share cost of fuel, dockage, food and liquor

At the cruises termination, help ‘secure’ the yacht; this includes: dock lines, fenders, electric cord, covers, washing down the yacht, trash removal and leaving your quarters and heads in ‘ship shape’.

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Vice Commodore - Planning

Rear Commodore - Social Events

Fleet Captain - Cruises

"The Mainsheet" Newsletters (current and past issues)



We inform you with deep regret that a fellow member, Bruce Maultasch passed following a heart attack. The funeral and the week of mourning will be up in New York. Ronda will be returning to Florida shortly after the funeral.

Condolence cards can be sent to her address 2751 NE 47th Street, Lighthouse Point, FL 33064.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Bruce's favorite charities. Bruce was very active at the Chabad Synagogue, 2025 East Sample Road, Lighthouse Point, FL 33064 and the Diabetes Research Institute at University of Miami, 1450 NW 10th Avenue, Miami, FL 33136.

Bruce and Rhonda have been very active members since 2011 and greatly enjoyed the cruises on their boat, Mersea. He will be missed.

Commodore's Report

Fleet Captain/Cruise Director

Commodore Al Tupek

December 2017

Despite a significant chance of rain and a strong breeze, Leslie and I decided to authorize the Change of Watch boat parade. Fortunately, we experienced only a slight drizzle. It was great to have Terry Paterson and the LHPYC staff on the dock along with other spectators. It did rain a bit after the boat parade but the LHPYC staff wiped down the chairs, so we could proceed with the ceremony. Again, the weather cooperated, and we completed the Change of Watch before the rain fell again. Thanks so much to Fader Reichard for handling the outside activities and to Lucy Feit for handling the inside activities. And thanks to all the members who helped out. The following week we headed to Palm Beach for a fun weekend of eating, shopping, tennis, and boating of course. The weather cooperated in part but the boats had to go up the inside on the way to Palm Beach. We all agreed that Table 26º was a nice venue with good food. There was even a jewelry shop outside in a vintage airstream camper. Thanks to Michael Baron for arranging the tennis, while the others shopped along Worth Avenue. The Gothiers hosted us on Bella Lisa for cocktails. What a beautiful yacht. Thanks Bob and Lisa. And our last event was at the Leopard Lounge where we had a wonderful time and dinner together. Let's hope the weather continues to cooperate for our future events. Woohoo!



Commodore Leslie Baron

November 2017

It’s with a bittersweet feeling that I have writing this month’s article. I have been so blessed this year to have served as your Commodore but it’s time to pass the gavel on to the next person in line, Al Tupek. I want to thank every member of the Board of Governors, the Ship’s Store crew, the audit team and all of the volunteers who headed up a boating weekend or special one-time event. It’s been a fantastic year but I certainly did not do it alone. I had a wonderful team of Corinthians willing to give up their time to make sure all of our members had lots of opportunities to enjoy themselves at club events. For those of you who missed the October General Membership meeting and reception, let me tell you, it was a spectacular evening. The Blues Brothers Tribute Band entertained us and the theme was Blues, Brews and BBQ. We certainly had all three! Thanks Laura Burton for once again putting on a great evening. As I say farewell, let me assure you that the Corinthians remain strong so please support Al in his new position. He has lots of fun activities planned for you throughout his year. Hope to see all of you at Change of Watch.


October 2017

Now that Hurricane Irma has come and gone we can get back to focusing on having fun and being with our Corinthian friends.  I hope that all of you who were here during the storm have sustained minimal damage to your homes and boats and were able to stay out of harm’s way.


Although the rest of my term as Commodore is brief, we still have lots of fun events planned and hope that you are planning on participating.  It’s always so good to see everyone again after the summer hiatus and attending these events is one way to do so.  Please call the club to sign up for the Ladies luncheon on October 6th.  We will have a napkin folding demonstration and class just in time for your holiday tables.  Then our fall General Membership Meeting and dinner is sure to be a winner with the theme “Blues, Brews and Barbecue” and a Blues Brothers tribute band will perform for us.  To end the month, we are going to Faro Blanco in Marathon.  Although the storm did major damage to the area, at this time we still hope the marina and hotel will be hosting us. 


I’m starting to feel melancholy about leaving my role as your Commodore so please make this last month a chance for all of us to be together at any of these events.  They will provide us with a wonderful opportunity to reflect on this past year and all of the good times we had as Corinthians.


August/September 2017

Welcome back to all of you who have spent the summer elsewhere.  Hope you are ready to wind down the rest of  summer  with us Corinthians who managed to make through a very hot summer here in Lighthouse Point.  There certainly have been some major changes at the yacht club, as I am sure all of you know.  The new owners have assured me that the Corinthians will remain intact at the Club and that is great news!


We start Info Meetings again, with our first one on Sept 7th.  I have invited Terry Patterson, one of the new owners, to join us so that he can introduce himself to those of you who have not yet met him and perhaps answer some of your questions.  We will also have another raft out at Lake Boca on September 24.  The fun continues in October with a ladies luncheon on Oct 6th,  when Vita Thompson will give us lessons in decorative napkin folding. More details on that will follow shortly, but ladies please mark the date on your calendar.  It should be a lot of fun.


June/July 2017

It never fails to amaze me how much Corinthian friendships really mean to each of us.  We have so much fun together and certainly know how to celebrate major events.  Yes, we had to cancel the Bimini weekend due to unfavorable seas, but we sure made up for it up at Admiral’s Cove.  Connie Johnson and Mike Miller put together a truly fun weekend and even through the rain, we laughed, dined, played tennis and pickle ball, partied and danced.  Thanks to all the members who participated and made the weekend so enjoyable.

The Spring General Membership dinner was a huge success.  The décor for the evening was “It’s 5:00 Somewhere” and the room was decorated perfectly with tropical flowers and island atmosphere. The dance floor was full as the band played our favorite dance songs.  Much thanks goes to Roni Harkey and Maura Mitchell for all of their hard efforts to make the evening just perfect.  The casual attire and fun menu contributed to the event‘s gaiety. 

 We are planning 2 happy hour get-togethers during the summer and I hope to see all of you who are in the neighborhood there.  More info on the dates and locations on page 7.  I am hoping to plan another boating weekend in September so please watch for details.  Lastly, our October weekend at Faro Blanco will sell out quickly so please get your reservations in for the dock and hotel. 

Wishing all of you a safe and healthy summer.



Fleet Captain/Cruise Director

(Position is Empty; No report)

See "Cruises" page for details of upcoming cruise events.







Rear Commodore - coming Events


Rear Commodore

Lucy Feit

December 2017

Our 2017-2018 year is off to a great start. Al promises to be “Happy Together” and with all the exciting things planned for this year, how could it not? We start off the year with our annual : “Black Tie Affair” honoring Commodore Al Tupek. If you have any questions, please contact me at Please be sure to call LHPYC to make your reservations and let them know if you have special dietary restrictions. If you haven’t been invited to join a table, do not despair. We have a table of fun loving Corinthians waiting for you to join them in an open table. Just send a note to Gina. Also on December 8th, don’t miss our Ladies Fashion Show Luncheon starting at 11:30AM. Please call the Club at 954-942-7244 to make your reservations. As always, cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior in order to avoid the 50% cancellation fee.


November 2017

I would like to thank Commodore Leslie for a great year with many the fun events. It was a privilege serving as Rear Commodore for Commodore Leslie, as well as with the other members of the Bridge and Board of Governors. Thanks to all the members that volunteered for the inside events, you made my job so easy. I’m looking forward to another great year with Commodore Al serving as your Rear Commodore. The Corinthian’s 2017-2018 calendar is packed with fun activities. Starting November 12th is our Change of Watch. Please be sure to contact Fader Reichard at 330-853-5244 or to have your boat or you join the Fleet Review. For dinner reservations please contact me at 954-856-7282 or This year there will be no ”Meet the Commodore” event, since you all know Al and Karen so well. Our first cruise will be to Australian Docks in Palm Beach on November 17th. Finally, mark your calendars for December 1st, our Commodore’s Ball. Invitations will be arriving soon


October 2017

Now that things are getting back in shape after our encounter with Irma, we hope you can join us for the Fall Membership meeting, “Blues, Brews & BBQ”, on Friday, October 13th. Chairperson Laura Burton has planned an entertaining evening with the Blues Brothers. Dress casual, jeans are OK, or dress up in a black suit.

 Also coming up on Sunday, November 12th, is the Change of Watch, welcoming incoming Commodore Al Tupek. Please contact Fader Reichard to let her know if your boat will be joining our impressive fleet review. As always, for those without a boat, if you want to be included on a boat, please contact Fader or me. There is also a fun time to be had on deck watching the procession; you can make reservations by contacting me.

Dinner will include, Sweetheart Salad, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Wild Vegetable Rice, Green Beans Almandine, Lemoncello Cake. No buffet this year! If you have dietary restrictions please contact Gina to arrange an alternative.  There is no charge for current members.

Reservations for dinner will be handled by me, not Gina for this event. Participating boats need to contact me with a list of their guests. Members will be charged for each of their guests. The Club will not accept direct payment from any guests. Hope to see you all at this event.


August/September 2017

I hope your summer is going well and you are keeping cool. Things around here have been hot! I would like to thank Maureen Jacobson for planning the two happy hours at Luigi’s (August 10th) and JB's on the Beach (August 24th), so we can all get together this summer.               

Get ready for Blues, Brews & BBQ! Laura Burton has planned a really spectacular evening for our Fall Membership Meeting on October 13th! Dress casual (jeans are OK) for a delightful evening with The Blues Brothers.  As always, call The Club (954) 942-7244, to make a reservation for this event and we will be sure to sit you with fellow Corinthians at an open table.


June/July 2017

It is hard to believe that Commodore Leslie's year has completed 8 months and we only have 4 more fun-filled months until the next Change of Watch coming up on November 12th.  

P/C Maureen Jacobson has put together two Corinthian Happy Hours in August when the Club closes. Please mark these events in your calendar so you can join us.

The merriment will continue come October when we have a very special Fall Membership Meeting, hosted by Laura and Don Burton. Get on your "Blues" for a fun night on October 13th. 

And like always, Leslie may have a few surprises during the summer for all us Floridians that stay around! Stay Tuned.....


Director of Membership

P/C Leslie Baron

January 2018










Soraia Berger


October 2017

No activity


August/September 2017

No activity

June/July 2017

At the last Board of Governor’s Meeting, the Board approved for membership William Dudziak and Emily McClintock.   Also, Diane & Joseph Pacelli (pictured) passed their first reading. They are avid boaters and eager to join us on our boating trips.

   Please introduce yourself to these new members


Any Corinthian knowing of interested people whom they would recommend for membership in the Corinthians are encouraged to direct the prospective new member to contact anyone on the Membership Committee listed below. Membership committee: Soraia Berger - 954-557-3209, Frank McCabe - 954-707-0605, Laura Burton - 954-830-0648, Pat Donais - 508-930-2726.

The Mainsheet

Vice Commodore's Report



Past Newsletters:

Vice Commodore

Al Tupek

Typically, the Vice Commodore does not submit a monthly report.

It was moved and seconded and approved to accept the nominating committee led by Al Tupek, consisting of Lucy Feit, Phil Fazio, Becky Hibberd and Maureen Jacobson.

The nominating committee nominated the following Corinthians to be considered for :


Al Tupek (Commodore)

(vacant)  (Vice Commodore)

Lucy Feit (Rear Commodore)

Two Year Term 2017-19

Becky Hibberd

Greg McLaughlin

David Whipple

One Year Term 2017-18 (to fill term of Bonnie Ducharme)


In compliance with our bylaws, any qualified Corinthians member may be nominated for election as a BOG Member upon the presentation of a petition signed by at least ten (10) memberships in good standing.  Such petition must be accompanied by a statement signed by the nominee that he/she will serve if elected, and shall be filed with the Secretary, Laura Burton, not later than September 20, preceding our Annual Membership Meeting on October 13th, 2017.



The time has come for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country or in this case the Corinthians of LPYRC. We have all enjoyed great times, both at the club and on the water, made new friends and said goodbye to those who have left us all too soon. We've all complained about one thing or another but the experience of being a Corinthian is one we have been proud of and one that we have never regretted. Now after 50 years of making memories the very existence of our organization is being threatened by a lack of volunteers for leadership roles. On the positive side, I have many very capable volunteers to fill all of the Board positions and non Board positions. We are in need of a Vice Commodore and a Fleet Captain in order to keep our organization going into the second half of ‘our century.’

The Vice Commodore is a two year commitment to the club and the Fleet Captain is a four year commitment that gives an individual plenty of time to learn the ropes. Or, you can volunteer to be our Cruise Director, same responsibilities but with no commitment to the four year term. You can decide that at the end of your year as Cruise Director.

Accepting one of these positions does not leave you high and dry and alone to carry out these responsibilities. Past officers are available to assist you in the position and many board members, as well as general members, have generously offered to assist you with your responsibilities.

If you have any interest, please call Al Tupek at 240-277-2370 to set up an informal discussion about the possibilities.








The Corinthians

P.O. Box 5327

Lighthouse Point, Florida  33074





Lighthouse Point Yacht and Racquet Club

2701 NE 42nd Street
Lighthouse Point, Florida 33064




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